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What to Look For in an RV

What to Look For in an RV

  • Tow Capacity

    The first and most important step in searching for your next RV is to know the tow capacity on your vehicle. Understanding your vehicle's tow rating capacity is critical to choosing the right RV for you and your family. Towing your next RV safely down the road will depend on having the right tow vehicle and RV combination. Visit our Tow Guide page to calculate your vehicle's towing capacity.

  • Storage

    Thinking about how many people will be traveling in your RV will determine how much storage you need. You will want to consider if there is enough room for clothes, kitchen supplies, camping gear, toys, as well as toiletries and so much more. Do you and your family live light, or do you enjoy bringing those 'just in case' items? Know your storage needs before you begin the buying process.

  • Comfort

    Do you cook a lot? Enjoy kicking back to watch the game? Entertaining company? Enjoy your privacy? These are all considerations to think about when making sure you are comfortable in the RV you choose to purchase. You want to ensure that you have enough space in those areas of the RV to be able to continue to live your life without sacrificing space for activities you and your family enjoy. Just because you're downsizing from a stationary living space, doesn't mean you need to be uncomfortable.

  • Floor Plan

    The floor plan you choose can make a big difference in many aspects of RV life such as sleep capacity, storage capacity, room to spend time with friends and family, and comfort. We suggest even renting a trailer with a floor plan that you think you may be interested in for a few nights so that you are sure that it will work for your lifestyle and needs before purchasing.

  • Size

    Consider your lifestyle when choosing the perfect size RV for you and your travel companion(s). Do you spend most of your time outdoors? Maybe you won't need as big of an RV as you might think. Do you plan on spending family time inside of your RV? You might need space to spread out. Knowing how you plan to live in your RV will prepare you to know the best size trailer to look for.