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RV A/C Service FAQ

Can I Recharge My RV’s Rooftop AC Unit?

Often customers call-in requesting AC service because the unit is running but not cooling and assume that like your vehicle or Home AC these units can simply be re-charged with refrigerant/Freon. Camper air conditioning units are closed systems and have no refill point. If a Gavins Point Recreational Center RV or Red 10 RV Repair technician or any RVIA Certified Technician tests your system and determines that the issue is low refrigerant charge the only option is replacement of the rooftop assembly. Note: This diagnostic procedure cannot be professionally completed by visual inspection. A properly trained RVIA Certified Technician will take a temperature reading and use a millimeter to test the unit to determine a faulty system. The technician will then check to make sure that your control board and thermostat will be compatible with the new unit, if not, then all of the proper installation equipment will be quoted.

You may be told or read online that you can purchase a self-installed valve and recharge your system. This is a quick band-aid fix, but does not resolve the issue for the long-term and often will cause additional problems. These saddle valves clamp over a line in your system and pierce the copper tubing allowing for a fill point. However, this 100% will void any manufacturer's warranty, compromise the system, possibly introducing a new leak, and most notably does not address the root cause of the failure. Furthermore, there is EPA liability due to continued release of hazardous fumes into the environment by a leaking system. RV Certified Repair Centers such as Gavins Point Recreational Center or Red 10 RV will not conduct such repair knowing the liability involved with an inadequate repair.

Service and inspect your AC annually and rely on the advice of a reputable service company, like Gavins Point Recreational Center or Red 10 RV, employing RVIA-certified technicians. In the end, this is the best way to save time and money. Not to mention enjoy worry-free air-conditioned camping.

Happy Camping!