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Gavins Point Recreational Center in the Community


At Gavins Point Recreational Center, our goal is to create an environment where we not only give to our employees, but also give in large to our customers and the community. We are here to serve our community, our employees, and every individual we come in contact with. It is imperative that we do what we can, where we are, to make the world a better place. We now host quarterly community events and fundraisers in Yankton, South Dakota. Please join us for any or all events! We look forward to continuing to serve our community. 


Be sure to follow our social media channels for updates. 


Grand Opening Event and Anniversary

For our Grand Opening Event at Gavins Point Recreational Center, we wanted to put together an event that everyone throughout the community could enjoy! We organized a great band and a night full of music with seating for all. In addition to the music, there was a Beer Garden on site and several Food Truck Vendors from within our immediate community. This is a free community event and was open to all of the public. We had over 250 people enjoy this community event last summer. We look forward to hosting this every year on our Grand Opening Anniversary. 

Trick-Or-Treat Through the Campers

On the weekend before Halloween 2021, Gavins Point Recreational Center hosted Trick-Or-Treat Through the Campers. We had over 250 area children come to participate in this event. For the event, our team placed one to two trick or treat bowls full of candy, snacks, and other Halloween goods in several campers throughout the camper lot. Kids then went from camper to camper taking “treats” from each! We encouraged parents to participate with their children throughout as well. It was fun to see so many children decked out in their Halloween apparel. 

Live Nativity and Christmas Cookie Making with Mrs. Claus Event

In December 2021, Gavins Point Recreational Center hosted a Live Nativity and Christmas Cookie Making with Mrs. Claus Event. This was a super fun event where area residents came out to Gavins Point Recreational Center to admire all the Nativity animals brought in for the day from Horn T Zoo sponsored by Gavins Point Recreational Center. There were camels, donkeys, miniature horses, llamas, African cows, and more for residents to admire and feed. Additionally, inside community residents were invited to come in and warm up with some fresh hot cocoa and decorate some Christmas cookies with Mrs. Claus. We had over 300 community members come out to this event this first year and look forward to growing the event and community participation in the coming years!