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10 Pro Camping Tips

10 Pro Camping Tips from Gavins Point Recreational Center

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    Packing light is packing smart.

    Packing light will assure you know exactly what you have/don’t have, help you stay organized, and will save time so you have more time to enjoy your trip. 

  • Don’t forget the “Walk Around”.

    The pre-departure walk around is ESSENTIAL to a successful camping trip. To avoid potential disaster, ensure that your vehicle is safe and ready to hit the road.

  • Book your campsite in advance.

    Did you know most campsites can be booked at least 6 months in advance? While that may be thinking too far ahead, it’s always smart to book your campsite at least a day or two in advance so you can ensure your top choice and know your final destination.

  • Know the height of your RV.

    Make sure to measure your exact vehicle height, including the AC. Then, write it down and keep it somewhere visible to the driver at all times so there is never a question when traveling through a low-clearance underpass.

  • Use an RV-specific GPS or app.gavins point recreational center

    There are many GPS systems and navigation apps that accommodate RV routes based on length, height, and weight. Even if your trip is a few miles longer, it's better to relieve the worry of potential clearance hazards.

  • Plan meals in advance.

    Cooking while camping can sometimes be difficult to begin with, so why not make it easier on you and your family? Save time and hassle during meal times by planning meals and ingredient lists ahead of your trip. 

  • Reduce the amount of glass in your RV.

    Glass is heavy, tough to clean up when broken, and very fragile, especially when rattling down the highway for long periods of time. We suggest limiting the glassware and instead using plastic, paper, or stainless steel.

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  • Make a departure checklist.

    Your home away from home will feel much more comfortable if it’s well-equipped for you and your family’s needs and safety in mind. There are many pre-departure checklists found online to make sure important items and steps aren’t forgotten. If you're in need of camping gear near Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Norfolk, or Yankton, stop by Gavins Point!

  • Bring a basic tool kit.

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    Tool kits are a must for every camper. Being prepared for whatever your adventure may bring
    is the key to keeping your mind at ease during your trip. 

  • Don’t forget to enjoy!

    Amongst the preparation that comes along with RV travel, don’t forget to relax! RV camping can be an incredibly enjoyable activity to do with family or friends,
    and will give you memories to last a lifetime.